Innovative 3D Visualisation Solutions For the Oil & Gas Industry

3d Asset Modelling
As-Built Layouts
Clash Detection
XYZ Terrain Modelling
Field Layout Proposals


Do you have an idea, concept or product you would like to share with your clients? We create stunning 3D content through beautiful VISUALIZATION and innovative ANIMATION

We also provide a range of CAD Draughting services ranging from point cloud and X,Y,Z data conversion into usable 3d poly models, metrology QC and clash detection, Digital terrain mesh modelling to developing and updating As-built charts, field layouts and overall GA’s.




"A key figure in implementing new animation software within our company. This proved a great tool for both operational and marketing purposes, and therefore gave Sonsub a key advantage towards potential clients."
Giovanni Corbetta
Managing Director
"One of the best Subsea designers we have ever worked with. Highly recommend Oceanworx to anyone."
Luis Mestre
Sr. Designer & Product Developer
"As a Marketing Manager I need visuals in order to build our brand and storytelling, or story selling as my colleagues within sales would refer to. Oceanworx delivers amazing 3D visuals.

They managed to translate our story where we position ourselves as the complete personnel solutions in Energy, Marine & Renewables into just 4 amazing 3D visuals.

Every client we speak to, each colleague I talk to, everyone finds these visuals impressive to look at. It draws attention as it is different as the mainstream marketing you see all the time. You bring something refreshing to the table.

The simplicity at one side and the amazing quality right into the details on the other side, it's like art. I would recommend Ocenworx to anyone."
Rogier Kind
Marketing Operations Manager
"A picture tells a thousand words – this is particularly true with Oceanworx providing the visuals for our offshore procedures.

Not only did I learn a lot from Oceanworx in terms of understanding subsea operations, but every tender package we included Oceanworx animations/visuals with, the clients were delighted.

Kevin, the vision behind Oceanworx, is a great guy to work with. His understanding of offshore engineering activities makes him an outstanding designer and his attention to detail is reflected by the consistent high quality of his deliverables."
George Antadze
Project Controls Team Lead


Established in 2010 in the heart of the oil and gas capital of Europe; Aberdeen, Scotland. Our expert background and experience in subsea and offshore engineering allows us to visualize and communicate all our projects with great impact and simplicity. 

We can supply a range of visualization solutions through various media formats to suit your project needs.


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our services. Please get in touch with us for any inquiries you may have.



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